What Equipment You Need To Lose Weight

So do you want to lose weight? Probably, most people have told you to start dieting. But why to starve yourself and make yourself weaker. Just Home Gym says that you don’t need to starve yourself if you are willing to do some hard work. You can lose weight if you consume less calories and burn more.

There are many exercises to do this like running for instance, but it is easier to lose weight if you are in the comfort of your house. For this purpose, you will need some equipment that can aid you with weight loss. The advantage you have by using equipment is that you can then easily take out time for workouts. You can learn more about what type of equipment you’ll need from Just Home Gym Twitter and Tumblr below:


Here is some equipment that is very effective when it comes to shedding that extra fat:



Pedaling at home has many advantages. First of all, you are safe. You don’t have to think about bumping into something or someone. You can simply ride your bike with your eyes close. When searching for a stationary bike, keep in mind that there are two types. Recumbent and Upright. Recumbent bikes have support for back, and you simply do pedal. Upright is more like the bikes you ride outside. Both of these bikes give similar benefits, and you can go for any, but you should look out for certain features. The bike should offer resistance of various levels so you can have a complete workout and there should be a monitor for tracking resistance level, time, speed, calories, and distance. Better if it has a bottle holder or a book rest. One that can monitor heart rate is good too.

Elliptical Machines


Both elliptical and treadmill provide you with the similar kind of aerobic workout as they both are designed to stimulate the motion of running. However, elliptical machines have the edge over the treadmills because they put less pressure on the body and eliminate the injuries you can get from a treadmill. Also, more advanced elliptical machines have features to exercise the upper body as well. With elliptical machines, you can target the fat in your entire body. Find out which elliptical machine is best for you here.

Rowing Machines


Rowers copy the motion of rowing as their names suggest. The motion allows you to target larger muscles in your lower and upper body. When you can work out lower and upper body at the same time, you can lose calories much faster, compared to working out on elliptical machine or treadmill. Rowers are more injury free options as they don’t put much stress on legs. Some also have fans to cool you down as you work out.

Stair Steppers


Before even considering it, if you have knee or foot problems then this is not for you. Climbing put lots of pressure on your leg joints and can cause injury to you if you are not fit there. If you have no problems, then these best stair steppers can help you to lose weight. When you climb, your whole body gets a workout, and you burn lots of calories. When buying a stair stepper, those with heavier and wider base are the best choice as they are more reliable and stable.



You don’t need to leave your house for walking or running when you have a treadmill. If jogging is a daily part of your workout routine, you must have a treadmill in your house. There are many kinds of treadmills available; you can find one starting from three figures to more expensive ones. The more expensive the treadmill is, the more features it has. Some are even designed to save space and can be folded to store somewhere when not in use.

What Heart Related Exercises You Should & Shouldn’t Do

You should be careful about the exercises you do. Not all of them are healthy for your heart.

Many exercises that are beneficial for your body are actually not very good for your heart, and it is the other way around. So, you must be careful when you do your exercises and know what they do to your body. You don’t want to keep doing an exercise that increases your strength but also greatly increases your heart rate. It’s about balance. You need exercises that are good for your overall health and are not heavy on the heart. Some of these routines that include such exercises are:

Interval Training


Interval training helps prevent diabetes and heart-related diseases, improve overall fitness and reduce weight. To get these benefits, perform your interval training with switching between high and low intensity. For example, if you like to walk then walk at your usual speed for 3 minutes then increase the pace for 1 minute. This strategy will allow your body to burn more calories and shed fat.

Non-impact Sports


Your heart pumps faster the more activity you do. Exercises that involve more of your muscles in the body make your heart work faster to support them, making it stronger as well. All exercises like swimming, cross-country skiing, rowing make your whole body get involved in the activity. Though, don’t overdo it and always have enough rest.

Weight Training


This is just like interval training where you make your heart work at a different pace in a short amount of time. When you lift weights, your heart rate increases and when you take rest in between it slows down. Weight training is good for overall body strength and heart. Use free weights for better results.

Core Workouts


A strong core doesn’t make you good at sports, but it makes you perform your daily activities with much grip on them. Core workouts are essential to make your other workouts more beneficial.



Yoga is good for the mind, heart and blood vessels by increasing their elasticity and strengthens the core.

An Active Life Style


Just by being active all day a person can lose more calories than a person who hits the gym for an hour then sits around all day. Being active doesn’t mean to stay in the gym all day but to do daily tasks like cleaning, running errands, gardening, etc.

These are the things you shouldn’t be doing

Long distance running outside


Your body is not designed to keep running for long distances, so don’t do it. It is healthy to run at a fixed pace, but if you keep running, you will put more pressure on your heart and over time you will develop some problems. Long distance running can also develop pain and aches in your body.

Starting an exercise too quick


When you start a new workout routine, it is wise to go slowly at first, to make your body used to the new movements. Many people try to do 50 reps on their first day of a new exercise which greatly increases the chance of injury and puts a lot of pressure on the heart and other muscles.

Tips for Perfect Wedding Day Makeup


The idea of putting on makeup is to enhance your natural features. Some women prefer to follow makeup trends, even on their wedding day. For those that are having a modern, or trend themed wedding, this application is relevant. Use the tips below to ensure that you look like the cover of a magazine in every wedding photo, including candid shots.

Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara and eye liner are an absolute must. Wedding days are quite emotional. It is unattractive to have dark tear pools and streaks going down your face.

When applying the waterproof mascara, use an eyelash conditioner first. This helps prevent the mascara from caking onto the lashes making them feel heavy. Also make sure that you do not apply more than 2 coats of mascara. The more you put on, the heavier your eyelashes are. It also makes the lashes look unnatural.

Liquid Eye Shadow

Powdered eye shadows wipe off very easily. Liquid shadows wear much longer. It is very hard to smudge liquid shadows.

In terms of color, use a color that complements your skin tone and eye color. Some brides make the mistake of wearing eye shadow that matches their wedding colors. Sometimes this plan works out, but it is rare.

The bridesmaids should not wear matching makeup, because the color palette chosen may not match every bridesmaid’s skin tone.

Lip Liner

Use lip liner on your wedding day. It helps to define your lips and helps separate the pink skin from your natural skin tone easier in photos. Choose the color of your lip liner carefully. Stick as close as possible to the color of your natural lip. This is only meant to enhance your lips, not make them a focal point.

You can enhance your lips even further by creating an illusion with the liner. Women with thin lips can create the illusion that their lips are thicker by using the liner just outside their actual lip line. This same tactic can be used to help women even out uneven lips.

Don’t Apply Too Much

Your wedding day is a long one. This does not mean that you need extra layers of makeup. You should really do the opposite, apply less. When several layers of makeup are applied and worn for long periods of time, perspiration and just exposure to the air, causes them to yellow, crack or even melt away. This does not make for an attractive photo.

Your base coat should match your natural skin tone as closely as possible. Several makeup manufacturers have scientifically advanced products that transition themselves to match your skin tone. These are best for your big day.

Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your big day. You want to look like a queen or fairytale princess, not the next talked about “makeup fails” social media post. Make smart choices in both makeup type and composition. Use products that are designed for long periods of wear. Whenever possible, use mineral based items as they are less harmful to your skin and do not clog your pores.

Top Wedding-Planning Tips from Newlyweds


Tips from Newlyweds for Planning the Perfect Wedding

Everyone wants their wedding day to go as planned, which is perfect and without a hitch. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. There are always those unforeseen incidents that mess up at least one part of the day. One of the best tips from a newlywed is to just roll with the punches. Take those unforeseen things and turn it into something positive.

Always have a Back-up Plan

For every element in your special day, have a back-up plan. Fires happen and your venue could be destroyed. Always have at least 2 additional options should something prevent your original location suddenly be unusable.

Back-ups should also be in place for members of the bridal party, caterers, florists, DJs and photographers. If you have hired a car service, also have a back-up plan.

When back-up plans are in place, it is easy to transition, even on the day of the wedding, if necessary.

Use Contracts

Some couples neglect to obtain a contract for services in regards to their wedding day. Without a contract, the person hired can easily just take your money and run. A contract is a legally binding agreement. This can be used in court should something go awry.

Contracts should be in place for:

  • The venue
  • Photographer
  • Caterer
  • DJ
  • Wedding planner

Without a contract, you can only hope that those promising to deliver keep their word.


Throughout your entire marriage, you will be making compromises. A lot of compromises are likely needed while planning the wedding. This can be compromising on the wedding colors, type of food or even the music that will be played at the reception.

You don’t have to agree on everything 100-percent; you have to learn where you can compromise to find equal ground. Compromising is not giving in; it is learning to accommodate your life partner. They will do the same for you when you are absolutely adamant about something, such as a specific dish for the dinner menu.

Start Planning Early

Weddings take time to plan. Waiting until the last possible moment causes disagreements and plans that don’t always happen as you see them. Newlyweds often tell their friends to start planning at least 9 months before the wedding date. Popular venues are often booked a year in advance. In-demand florists and reception halls also book well in advance.

Be prepared and make a to-do list with a timeline so that you don’t feel rushed or like you have to have to settle for something that you don’t really want.

Expect a few spats with your soon-to-be spouse during the planning stages. It happens to almost every couple. While the wedding is mostly about what the bride wants, it is important to include the groom’s thoughts and wants too. Each of you envisions your wedding day differently. Talk to each other about what your dreams are for that day and find common items. Build on those items and incorporate elements from each other’s thoughts. This makes the day perfect, even when one or two things do not go exactly as planned.

Weight Lifting To Jump Higher


Lift Weights Strategically for a Higher Vertical Jump

If you are training for a vertical jump, you may not know where to begin. While having a good horizontal jump is much easier to train for by having a better running speed and a longer stride, you may find that vertical jumping is much more challenging. Luckily, there are some methods that will give you a better vertical jump. Most of the strength that you will need for a good vertical jump starts with the leg muscles. Here are some weight lift sets that you can begin to increase your vertical jump.



Though lunges are one of the most basic exercises that you are taught as a beginner are lunges. Perform lunges with weights in your hand. Start off at a small amount and move up periodically as you see fit. Lunges will help to strengthen your calves and thighs and bring you better operational strength to your lower body.

Squats with Added Weights


Nothing is better for the body than squats and nothing is better for your vertical jump than training through squats. The squat motion itself almost mimics a vertical jump. With weights on your back, you must propel your body upwards, which will help improve your abilities without all the added weights. Make sure to use squats with weight as your main training method when seeking to improve your vertical abilities.

Step Classes

Step classes are offered in most gyms, and you can find VHS and DVD taps that offer step aerobic workouts. While step classes may be odd, they will help your vertical jump for several reasons. One is the cardio abilities. The lower your fat and the higher your muscle mass, the better you will be able to move and maneuver your body. With a lower, healthy body-fat percentage, your body will feel lighter and jumping will not be as much of a chore.

The second reason is that during step class, you are constantly going up and down on a stair and lifting your legs in the air. This will help your jump improve because you are constantly practicing lifting yourself.

Jumping Rope


Jumping rope, hands down, is the number-one exercise for improving your vertical jump. While performing the exercise you are constantly hopping up and down. Practice makes perfect; therefore, you will have the chance to build up your jumping. Jumping rope is also one of the best forms of cardio and can be performed anywhere. Feel free to replace some of your cardio sessions with rope jumping so that you can burn calories and improve your jump.

Getting a higher vertical jump can seem puzzling at first; however, it is very possible with some simple exercises. Using muscle building and vertical exercise techniques will allow you to work on your fitness as well as jump higher. No matter how high up you are looking to move, these exercises incorporated in your regular exercise routine will help you get there in almost no time.

The Secret Behind Jumping Higher Than Everyone


While the average Joe is not going to be getting drafted to the Packers or even the Lakers anytime soon, an impressively high vertical jump can still hold the key to power when training your body for pique physical fitness. To achieve that additional inch or two, a person must train their body in explosive movements and large lifts in order to assist in the storage and subsequent release of energy in a powerful and momentous manner.

For starters, a trainee must be well aware of their current vertical jump stance and height. There are numerous tests to uncover this fact, but the best way to make a comparison between yourself and the next trainee is simple.


Simply get some chalk and stand near a wall before reaching your arm overhead to mark the area where you hand touches with the piece of chalk. After that, you will need to gain a perpendicular stance to the wall maintaining chalk in the hand within closest proximity to the wall. This will be your jumping off point where you will launch as high as you possibly can with arms outreached overhead. Following the leap, you must mark the wall at the point of climax.

In order to determine your score against the average person’s vertical jump, there are charts which can illustrate this for you to compare. These charts will distinguish age as well as distance.

Achieving Better than Average

If you truly want to jump higher, there will be a tremendous deal of work and effort involved. You will need to allow yourself an extra lift. This can be done by training and form tools found either online or within a training camp/gym or other fitness facility. Since your lower body’s muscles are the fundamental source of your thrusting capabilities, you will need to strengthen them in order to promote your launching power to the ultimate capacity.

Start by performing three sets of three to eight reps in frontal squats, back squats and deadlifts once every week. If you are unsure on how to do this maneuver correctly and safely, there are a multitude of professional videos available online.

Plyometrics are Key

When it comes to leaping off of the ground, plyometrics are the primary component to vertical jumping height success. With a solid system of plyometrics, you can advance your entire nervous system to boost power fabrication. This scientific process has even been shown to boost an individual’s vertical performance by over five percent according to research conducted by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Therefore, trainees looking to enhance their vertical stance should utilize these jumping mechanisms to improve jump squats through your own body weight. This will in turn hone in on your quadriceps along with an abundance of other muscles within the lower body.

In the end, when training to increase your vertical jump to the point of reaching higher altitudes than all other competitors, the most important thing to consider is dedication and safety.

Great Wedding Party Flowers Ideas


The wedding party flowers should always complement the bridal bouquet. Planning the wedding can be overwhelming to most people. In the midst of the chaos, details concerning the wedding party flowers can be easily forgotten. Taking the time to choose the flowers to be used in the wedding will give your wedding an elegant look. You could also contact a local florist and ask for ideas and prices. One little tip is you can look at their online items to choose a style you like.

  1. The maid of honor

The maid of honor is one of the important people in the wedding and so the bouquet of flowers should be slightly different from the rest. You should honor her by giving her a larger bouquet of flowers than the rest of the bridal maids. The flowers you choose should be same in either, color or texture to yours. It is however recommended to use the same theme color of flowers.

  1. The bride maids and the grooms men

The bride maids’ bouquets are usually a smaller version of the bridal bouquet. You should however consider adding a touch of color to the bouquet by mix different colors of flowers. You may also change the arrangement of the flowers to make them elegant. The chosen flowers should complement the bride maids’ dresses. The groom’s men on the other hand should wear a bloom in one of the colors used in the wedding.

  • Flower girls

The flower girls don’t carry flower bouquet but you can give them head bands that are decorated with flowers. To make your wedding unique, you should avoid giving them the traditional basket of petals.

Flower ideas

  • Pink Peonies; an all pink peony bouquet will add a taste of elegance to your weeding. The pink flowers are suitable for wedding that are held during spring.
  • Roses; they are available in different colors. However the best choices of flowers for your wedding party are the garden roses and the hybrid tea roses. They are perfect for a beach wedding. The white roses convey purity and innocence.
  • Tulips; tulips are best used in combination with other flowers to form a beautiful and elegant bouquet. Any color of the tulips will make your bouquet look beautiful.
  • Lilies; they come in different colors and types. The calla lily is one of the most used lilies in weddings. The white colored lilies are the best choice but you can also use the ivory oriental lilies. The yellow lilies can also bring a twist of elegance to your wedding.
  • Gardenia flowers; the fresh flowers are perfect in a bowl. However, they can also be included in the wedding parties flower bouquets. The flowers don’t have stems, so when you are arranging them you have to include other types of flowers.
  • Dahlia flowers; these flowers come in different sizes and colors. The flowers are perfect for a wedding ceremony because of their bright colors and beautiful scent. The flowers also symbolize hope for an everlasting partnership. The white and yellow colors are mostly used in weddings especially the ones held during summer and spring.

Additional Tip

Boost Your Fitness by Increasing Your Vertical Jump

verticle ball

Working out the legs can give many benefits to fitness and overall body strength. In fact, building powerful legs is directly related to increasing your vertical jumps. To make this effective and possible, you have to target the right muscle groups and keep the routine included in your regular workouts. And you can’t stop once you feel like you’ve achieved your goal. You need practice and training to keep the muscles in good coordination with each other as you jump. You need to keep doing this often even if you only need it inside the basketball court or in PE class. Here are the things that you need to do:

Target the Right Muscles

The jumping muscles are the main target of your leg workout. These muscles include the quadriceps, hamstrings and gastrocnemius along with soleus in the calf. The right workout movements to do are lunges, squats, and calf raises. This will effectively build strength in the jumping muscle groups.

Increase Workout Intensity

To increase the intensity of the workout, adding weights will definitely build additional strength. As you perform the workout movements previously mentioned, you should try using dumbbells and barbells while working out. Another effective technique is to carry weight plates as you walk on your toes because these will strengthen and grow the calves.

Practice Coordination

The most successful way of building powerful legs and increase your vertical jump is to condition all muscle groups to work together while jumping. A good example of training is plyometric because it makes use of fast and powerful moves to build strength on jumping movements. Try doing jump squats, tuck jumps, and lateral leg hops. Do these movements in varying length and speed.

Workout in the Pool

Jumping in a pool most effectively builds the vertical of your jump. What does water resistance have to do with your jump? The density of water is greater than the density of the whole body. You give in extra effort to move and workout your body while in the water without even noticing it. This will slengthen your workout with added intensity. Try running and jumping in the waters. Also, performing pool plyometric moves can result to less soreness, joint and muscle pain.

Healthy Diet

Exercise is not the only solution to having stronger legs. Healthy diet can give great impact on your workout especially when you need to build more muscle mass and increase energy supply. Once the body becomes accustomed to the workout, you would need to maintain the diet and take vitamin and mineral supplements along with it.

Do This Regularly

The best thing for you to do is maintain the workout routine. Building powerful legs and increase your vertical jump can lead you to becoming a great athlete. This is your passage way to getting stronger, faster and even more flexible. Moreover, jumping is movement that includes full body coordination including the brain. You can observe athletes of different fields doing their leg training and strengthen to have a better performance.

Wedding Car Hire Throughout The South West

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With our wedding car hiring we want to make sure that your wedding day is going to be just exceptional!

Jumping Higher Is Good for your Health


Why you need to jump higher

Jumping is famous as a fun game; it is seldom included as part of exercise combined with different routines like jumping jacks. But however jumping will always be jumping, you lift yourself as high as possible and land on the ground. A simple step but after jumping did you feel some sort of lightness in your body? This is because jumping also has several health benefits towards you. The effect is different from running and lifting. After running, your body is too tired to work, and while in lifting dumbbells your body is too weak to move. But take in jumping you might feel tired, but you can feel all your system working out. Here are some good thoughts about jumping and you might as well jump 10 times or more per day.

Relieves your muscles from strain:

As you jump your whole body moves, together with all the systems and organs. Jumping requires coordination of your body and mind, as you jump everything works. It includes your joints, muscles and other connective tissue. It somehow relieves pain or strain in between those joints or even in the muscles itself. It also allows relieving pressure from your back, neck and other parts of your skeletal system. Imagine yourself stretching your arm, did you noticed that it felt relieved from pressure? That is the effect of jumping higher towards your skeletal system, it doesn’t only stretch your legs, but all parts of your skeletal system. Well, well, you can get some tips for improving your vertical jump with workouts. Jumping also is a healthy exercise since it allows all your muscles to move, so making it a healthier habit to do will be good.


Allows greater oxygen flow:

When you jump, all your systems as well as your organs move. It is like a domino effect in your body, when it moves it allows the oxygen to move through its pathway easily. Somehow this type of movement can prevent, improve and even cure some of the diseases known below:

  • Cardiovascular disease – It prevents cardiovascular diseases since it helps lower down your blood pressure. The blood pressure is lowered down when your oxygenation process is improved as well as continuous. Poor circulation both in blood and oxygen can harm your heart or any other major organs. That is why even a simple jump can help prevent it.
  • Mental capacity – it is already mentioned above that jumping allows a greater oxygenation flow in your body as well it allows proper oxygenation towards your brain. Even your neurological system are strained and stressed, somehow oxygenation is not enough to work for all your body. As you jump, your heart rate increase pumping more blood and oxygen towards your body. With this jumping clearly help improve and develop a higher mental capacity. As you can see with people who don’t have activities like jumping they are like stupor and weak.

Burns unwanted cholesterol:

Consider jumping is part of your workout plan, since it has the same effect towards other activities related to working out. The main reason why people exercise is not just about the health, but it is because of the unwanted fat forming in your body. This is not just an assumption, a survey says that people remember to exercise will reduce weight and burn fats. Jumping is a healthy exercise since it allows all your body parts to move. It can burn fat naturally and at the same time it works not only for your weight but in totality. Fats don’t only give your unwanted appearance, it can cause more harm towards your system.

Helps your body to function well:

With all the benefits listed above, simply jumping can really improve your health as well as your life. Remember that even in simple things, greater results can be expected. Nobody would think that jumping could help your body functions but with several studies it shows that it does. Jumping increases your metabolism, as your system jumps together with you it triggers your metabolism to move. If you jump higher and even make it daily, you’ll be helping your system as well as your organs. Remember that skeletal system provides you the foundation of life, your posture, your movements as well as the supporting your body. With that too much work, jumping can help you relieve pressure from your skeletal system.

Check out 30 Minute Individual Basketball Workout – It is a good example: